It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of the Birkbeck Clinic 


Unfortunately the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have had a devastating effect on many small businesses. Due to guidelines we have been unable to treat any patients for three months and have therefore received no income at all for that period. We initially contacted Bexley Council on 24/3 to advise them we had temporarily closed as part of the lockdown and since that date we have repeatedly contacted them to claim rates relief and grants as outlined by the Chancellor.  Despite our pleas we have been continuously ignored. We have also lobbied local MP,s, the Osteopathic governing body has intervened but still we have received no support, rates relief, funding or even communication from either Local authorities or government. Sadly the opposite is the case and instead of assistance we have been pursued for payments of rates, fees and licences.  At this time we are still actively trying to lobby for change and we have made an official complaint with regard to Bexley Councils handling of our case. We have been informed that we will not receive a response to our complaint until early July.  Their lack of interest in supporting local business and consequently employees has forced us to take this very difficult decision. 

The telephone lines  are no longer being monitored, however, we can still be contacted via email  - - if you have any questions or if we can be of any further assistance


If you have a valid unexpired gift voucher, please email us with the voucher number, your name, address and contact telephone number and we will endeavour to arrange reimbursement 

Please contact us no later than 31/7/2020


If you would like to contact Louise Reddington directly, please do so at

To contact Joanne Featherstone directly, please call on 07958 585130

To contact Sheila Farrelly, please email

To contact Mevish Akhtar directly please do so on or call 07956623404

We would like to thank our patients for their loyalty and support over the past 20 years, and also our practitioners and wonderful staff ...... we will miss you all on both a professional and personal level. 


Thank you.

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